Wednesday strip-fest






The Creator of The Boondocks

one of earths realest niggas

Omg he’s so young, unless we’re being fooled cause you know black don’t crack.

Aaron motherfucking McGruder, remember when he was doing the Boondocks in newspapers

Pharrells Dad.

that nigga almost forty, he was bit by pharrell at 20 to join the coven of black famous vampires


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Only game I need to play is Skyrim. Aint no since in gettin my ass beat 25-3 in Injustice

"I went out with a girl this weekend. We just kept having a ball. Then I come over to hang out after the game, and it’s just, her floor’s just bean bags. So that’s when I’m a jerk to her cause I’m all, "Go pick up all your floor bags. You ain’t living in Southeast " -True Life

Throwback Canada nights. 19 was the best age ever


Throwback from this hype ass Ann Arbor house party

Day off and still can’t sleep in

Throwback of me and Waff fightin mad crime. Lunch break first

Chucks the man. Ain’t no way around it

Nah, no passin

Chuck said what up

Starting from the top. All of these photos are 12x24. Shot by me Robin A. Collins. All rights reserved. So don’t copy
Eastern Market Graffiti: (color) - $65
Eastern Market Street: (b/w) - $65
Southfield FWY: (b/w) $75 *fyi this is the same picture on my business cards ^.^
25 cent view aka Detroit skyline: $125. its my favorite photo, never posted, had it for 3 years. Serious inquires only hit me up

Starting from the top.
Chief Hywaff: 8x10 - $50
Spock Waffle: 8x10 - $65
The 6 piece 8x10 “Charlie Almighty” set - $100
Lunch shift with Chuck: 9x12 $75 
Serious inquires only hit me up at or if you want a character made, use the same email. #YearOfTheWaffle